Croatian Adventures Part 1 – Muda Labudova cave

The Muda cave expedition group consists of five Croatians (Lovel, Dino, Mishur, Luka, Tin) and five Bulgarians (Ani, Niki, Papi, Monkata, and myself, Dancheto). We are divided into four groups, respectively. Papi and Niki, together with Dino and Luca, are set to enter the cave on Saturday at noon, while the rest of us stay to help carry the expedition gear and supplies to the camp at the Vietrova pit. After everything has been transported, the rest of us head to the entrance of Muda.

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Muda Labudova, Croatia

About Muda and Crnopac

Further to our interest in Crnopac (South Velebit, Croatia) this summer was dedicated to another exploration there. This time in the cave Muda Labudova (-682m, 6335m*).

Muda Labudova remains not yet connected to the cave system Crnopac, while most certainly is part of it. Its potential is nothing but very promising and it seems like it is only a matter of time for Muda Labudova to become part of Crnopac’s cave system.

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Njemica -863m, Biokovo, Croatia

About Biokovo

Mountain Biokovo is located in the Southern part of Croatia and more specifically in Southern Dalmatia, the starting point for climbing and exploring Biokovo is the seaside town Makarska.
The highest point is St. Jure, 1762m. There is an asphalt road to the very peak of St. Jure, facilitating the cave exploration. Biokovo is formed in limestone rocks with well expressed karst formations. 

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Nedam, North Velebit, Croatia

About Nedam 

Since last year, Nedam is the 4th Croatian cave reaching depth beyond 1000m. Like with the other Croatian caves deeper than 1000m, Nedam is situated in North Velebit and more specifically in the massif of Hajducki kukovi, quite close to Lukina jama and Ljubuska jama. Until June 2020 its known depth was -1021m, the cave survey can be seen here. The cave follows an endless meander with narrow passages and active water flow in the deeper parts. The exploration here continues. 

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