Pod RB and the Crnopac cave explorations (2015 – to present days)


The interest in participation, and later in establishing an annual routine, in explorations in Croatia started with the relocation of one of our team members to Croatia. With him getting to know the local speleologists, establishing relations and participating in some explorations there, we managed to find new friends and be welcomed in an area with tremendous potential. A new tradition was established and namely our annual trip to Crnopac in South Velebit, Croatia.

About us 

The first visit of Crnopac was in 2015 by Tsvetan Kosturkov. Around this time, we have already closed the chapter with the Albanian explorations, while our main priority, Kolkina dupka in Bulgaria, was a very challenging task, consuming lots of our energy and motivation. Finding out about Crnopac was an opportunity for experiencing something new and really exciting!

About our interests in Crnopac 

We have been mainly involved in the explorations of Kita Gacesina and more specifically its deepest and furthest parts. With Tsvetan’s first visit (2015) of this cave, since 2016 we are going there every autumn. Since 2019 we are committed to supporting explorations in caves Oaza and Muda Labudova.

Results in Kita Gacesina 

12 club members have been actively involved in the explorations in Kita Gacesina.

Pod RB at Crnopac

Crnopac, Kita Gacesina, Oaza, Croatioa cave exploration, caving club Pod RB

Pod RB’s exploration in Crnopac region in years, © Teo Barasic

2015 – Kita Gacesina
2016 – Cerovacke spilje and Kita Gacesina
2017 – Muda Labudova and Kita Gacesina
2018 – Kita Gacesina
2019 – Oaza and Kita Gacesina
2020 – Kita Gaceisina


Some photos from explorations: (pictures © Marin Glusevic)

Kita Gacesina hall "Teova dvorana"

From here we approach the new region of exploration in Kita

The-3rd-level-bivouac-in-Kita-Gacesina-Crnopac-Croatia, Imberlani

The 3rd level bivouac – “Imberlani” in Kita Gacesina, Crnopac, Croatia

Kita Gacesina cave, croatia

The team queuing in Kita 2019

Kita Gacesina cave Croatia

Rigging in Kita

Kita Gacesina

The Stone Age climb in Kita 2017

Unfavourable conditions in Kita Gacesina 2017