Kita in July 2022

In the period 03.07.2022 to 07.07.2022 14 cavers from “Pod RB” caving club carried out the annual expedition to the Crnopac cave system in Croatia, specifically to Kita Gaceisina cave. The goal was to continue last year’s exploration at Stone Age and Pincher Ninja. We spent 1 day to reach the Imberlani camp and 1 day to get out. We worked for 2 days and took one day off, to rest before setting off to the surface.

At the entrance of Pincher Ninja a tight vertical passage going upwards was discovered. It lead to an unexplored gallery, which was called “Marin’s nightmare”. The gallery branched off in various directions, thus during the remainder of the expedition most of our efforts were concentrated there. Meanwhile, Stone age was climbed, rerigged and connected to a nearby gallery.

The expedition resulted in 593 meters mapped, a 40-50 meters deep vertical passage discovered, several rope systems rigged and multiple areas waiting to be explored further.

With these results, the potential for new discoveries at this never-ending cave grew rapidly!

Pavlin Dimitrov
Efrosina Hristova
Miroslav Petrov
Yordanka Donkova
Todor Irmanov
Kiril Georgiev
Raya Lakova
Simeon Nenkov
Miroslava Hristova
Dimitar Genov
Bogomil Popov
Aleksi Minev
Radoslav Nenkin
Nikolay Naydenov

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