Kita, Crnopac, Croatia – 2021

In the period 24-28.10.2021 a group of four speleologists participated in our traditional exploration of the furthest and deepest parts of the system Crnopac, through its Kita entrance. We used 1 day for entering and reaching the Imberlani bivouac, 3 days were dedicated to exploration and 1 day for making our way out. More on our endeavours in this region you can find here

For this year we managed to proceed with our two main climb destinations – Stone Age and Pincher Ninja. As a result of three climbing days we saw that this region will proceed growing at both fronts there. There is more to climb as we expect that namely the climb directions are the main parts we should pursue and that will bring the anticipated major discoveries. We managed to survey 180m. 

The new region is becoming further and tougher to explore but our motivation for further climbing is only growing! 

Delcho Topalov
Vihra Ivanova
Pavlin Dimitrov
Tsvetan Kosturkov 

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