Interview #2: Yuri Kasyan, Ukraine

“Interview” is caving club “Pod RB” initiative dedicated to discussions with cavers from all around the world. What they share about their life above and under the ground, their caving experience, stories, dreams and future plans you can find in the following lines…

Tell us something about yourself in terms of caving experience.

The roles are changing throughout the years. Especially, when taking into consideration that I am already 40 years dealing with speleology. In our club I am leading the training and education process for new speleologists, all in all I am club leader as well. On national level (Ukranian Speleological Association) I am a vice president and project leader of ‘The abyss call’ (aiming at exploration of some of the deepest caves on the planet – Kruber – Voronya and the area Aladaglar in Turkey). My roles also include leader of the Ucranian Speleological Association Cave Rescue team and lead editor for the Association’s magazine ‘Svet’.

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Caving club “Pod raba” is organizing expedition “Kolkina dupka 2018 – gypsum sunflower”

The event will be in the period 4th of April – 15th of April, 2018 and will take place in the area of Kolkina dupka cave. The camp is located just outside of Zimevista village, some 50km away from Sofia, Bulgaria (see on the map)

Everyone who wants to join us is more than welcomed!

Check the map of “Kolkina dupka” here or the 3d model and maps here

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