Brezno Speceg Dinozavra, -1083м, Kanin, Slovenia

In early February, a member of our club, Tsvetan Kosturkov, joined the “Slovenian Društvo za raziskovanje jam Ljubljana” team for a short exploration trip in Brezno Speceg Dinozavra at Kanin. More about DZRJL and Kanin explorations can be found in the interview with Spela Borko here

A group of four speleologists entered the cave for three days in total. 

The first day was mostly used for getting to the cave, digging the snow at the entrance, and descending to -500 m. Two of the group members derriged from -500 m to -400 m. All four joined the bivouac at -300m.

The second day, three of the explorers went to -960 m, where they rigged and surveyed to an approximate depth of -1060 m. The guys stopped at another short pit of about 20 meters.

The third day was for making their way out of the cave and getting to the surface, then home.

Huge thanks to Spela Borko and DZRJL for having Tsvetan with them 🙂

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