Kolkina dupka, Ponor, Bulgaria – 19.09-26.09

For the period 19th to 26th of September 2020 a team of 7 speleologists explored Kolkina dupka.

More about Kolkina you can find here

The team had 6 overnights in camp II (-456m).

For the this period the following results were achieved:

  • Water sampling – hydrogeological research is now taking place in Kolkina. Its main objective is to establish eventual connection between Koкlina and the nearby cave Katsite (2560m, -205m) 
  • Geological research – Sediment samples are collected from nine different sites from main rivers channels. They will be examined with full set of sedimentary analysis
  • Communication – between camp II and the occasional flash camp III, there is now a cable, which is making it an official 3rd camp
  • Technical climbing – many vertical passages were climbed and checked 
  • Survey – a total of 575 m were surveyed 

Kolkina’s length now is 16 130m.  

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