Caving club “Pod raba” is organizing expedition “Kolkina dupka 2018 – gypsum sunflower”

The event will be in the period 4th of April – 15th of April, 2018 and will take place in the area of Kolkina dupka cave. The camp is located just outside of Zimevista village, some 50km away from Sofia, Bulgaria (see on the map)

Everyone who wants to join us is more than welcomed!

Check the map of “Kolkina dupka” here or the 3d model and maps here

The expedition objectives are:

  1. Transporting supplies to Camp 2 (Kaloyan)
  2. Surveying
  3. Enlargement of the main access route and other key passages
  4. Installing telephone wire from camp “Sun” (camp 1) and camp “Kaloyan” (camp 2)
  5. Photography
  6. Climbing vertical shafts
  7. Working at the area blocked by boulders located at -540 meters
  8. Surface exploration of the area
  9. Digging at potential new entrances of the cave system – “Kravata”, “Teneketo” and others
  10. Gathering wood for the winter expeditions
  11. Overall improvement of the surface camp
  12. Conducting water tracing

We WILL provide:
* Meadow for tents with headquarter “The House” (surface bas camp) 🙂
* Equipment necessary for the cave rigging
* Food for the camp inside of the cave – 10 leva(BGN) daily fee applies
* Drilling machines for underground work, even though it won’t hurt  if you bring your own
* 100% unforgettable experience

As a small, provincial club our organizational capabilities and resources are limited, hence we can NOT provide:
* Food for the people on the surface
* Bivy equipment: tents, sleeping bags, sleeping mats, utensils etc.
* Personal caving equipment: caving overalls, helmets, headlamps, boots, harnesses etc.
* Transport to the surface base camp “The House”

Those who wish to work inside of the cave should carry:
* Personal caving bag and a dry bag
* Personal caving equipment: waterproof(pvc) overall, helmet, headlamps, boots, etc.
* Sleeping bag and a mat for sleeping underground
* Extra pair of base layer (bottom and top), socks, fleece, or good warm jacket with synthetic fibers
* Flops, the cheap chinese crocks are perfect
* Utensils: Can, bowl etc.
* Would be beneficial if can read a map

For making more accurate plan of work and easier calculation of the food and supplies please let us know:
* How many days you plan to stay underground
* What is your experience as a caver
* Some of the caves you visited
* What skills and expertise you have that may be useful for the underground work and exploration


Kolkina dupka is the deepest cave in Bulgaria and one of the longest.
There are two underground camps – camp “The Sun” (camp 1) and camp “Kaloyan” (camp 2)
In order to reach the camp Kaloyan (camp 2) you have to pass 15 vertical shafts, the deepest being 54 meters and horizontal distance of  2.5 kilometers.
The route to camp Kaloyan (camp 2) takes you through numerous meanders, tight passages, tight passages with water flow, small waterfalls, etc.

For contacts and enrollment:
Email us at
Delcho Topalov +359897856369
Pavlin Dimitrov +359876661400

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